Thursday, July 21, 2016

Two Roadside Attractions in One Day

I had a post about the rodeo scheduled for today. But I guess I don't know how to schedule posts in Blogger. I'll try again tomorrow. In the meantime, I thought I'd share some pictures of a couple of roadside attractions we visited today.

We stayed in Tulsa for the rodeo, which took place in Pawhuska (about an hour away). We arrived at our hotel in the evening, so we didn't see much of Tulsa. Just our view:

The rodeo events started the following morning so we left early to be there on time. Then after several hours in the heat, we had zero energy for exploring Tulsa. But the following morning when we started our drive to Texas, I made sure that we went to see the Golden Driller, a 75-foot-tall, 43,500-pound statue of an oil worker. I read online that The Golden Driller is the fourth tallest statue in the United States. Looked pretty big from where we were standing:

It was a brief drive by - but I'm glad we got in at least one tourist attraction for Tulsa.

Our next destination was Amarillo for a one-night stop over. Here we saw a second roadside attraction, Cadillac Ranch. This was a huge hit with the kids. I knew that it was a public art installation of spray painted cars...but I didn't know that the public did the spray painting!

In that last image you can see George pointing at his favorite car. And no - it's not because of the Batman art... People who know my son or have watched my Listen to Your Mother video this year will know why. Need a hint? Here is a closer look:

Cadillac Ranch is a short walk from the road, and as I approached, I was appalled at how much trash there was. Really America - can't you just carry your soda cans back to your cars and throw them away later? It was only when I saw my kids picking up the "soda cans" and pointing them at the art, that I realized they were spray paint cans.

Spray paint in all that wind? I wished I had done a bit more research on this...I definitely would have re-thought the clothing selection that morning. Luckily, they got most of the paint on their hands (except for Oliver of course - his new blue shirt has a large splotch of black spray paint at the bottom).

As we were leaving, they asked if we go back to Cadillac Ranch with our own spray paint next time we were in Amarillo. Absolutely. Next time we drive across the country and stop in Amarillo, for sure.

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