Monday, July 25, 2016

Santa Fe is So Hot Right Now

Santa Fe is a beautiful city. I really wish I could go without my children. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but I feel like we're in the trust tree here and I can say stuff like that without you thinking I don't like my kids (and title my posts with archaic Zoolander quotes).

I mean - I did chose to live out a car, traveling around the country with them for five weeks.

I would have loved to spend more time exploring at my own pace, taking in the art, architecture and and interesting characters populating the streets... But in the end we did get see most of what I had on my list. 

First though, we had to find parking. I thought I was so smart researching this in advance and finding a covered parking lot close to our planned first stop, the George O'Keeffe museum. Unfortunately, it was full when we arrived, so we had to drive around, looking for other options. Just when I thought we'd have to head back to the hotel and try again in the morning, we found a lot behind the Cathedral Basilica. So that is where we started our walking tour. 

It was pretty spectacular.

We then headed for the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum since that really was a nonnegotiable stop. On the way, we passed through the Santa Fe Plaza and the Palace of the Governors' portal where we viewed some local arts and crafts...

We didn't stop in the New Mexico History Museum, but we did enjoy our walk past it.

Just when they started complaining about needing a break and wanting to sit in shady spots on the sidewalk, we arrived at the museum. Tickets were $12 and kids could enter at no charge. As far as tourism goes, that's practically FREE. While attention spans didn't allow for nearly as long of a visit as I would have liked, they all made an effort to at least look at the art and not race through the galleries like they were being timed.

George took the kids' guide we borrowed very seriously. Each page had a picture of a specific painting and details about its history. I was about halfway through the museum when he appeared at my side to announce, "DONE."

Oliver insisted that I read everything he found in in the way of signage. Not sure if he was really listening or just like the idea of this...but I wasn't complaining since stopping to read anything more than a one word label is usually impossible with this group.

Eleanor was appalled when I explained what people used to do with  Bella Donna.

They knew that THIS painting was of The City before even reading the plaque.

I think we were there for a good half hour, and it's a fairly small museum, so I was thrilled with them.

But then we had to go back outside. And they...WERE...SO....HOT. They couldn't believe it when I suggested that we see a few more things before heading back to the car. But I was in over acheiver mode and wanted to squeeze in a few more stops.

The Loretto Chapel had a nice shady spot on the left, so we spent a little time there. And I told them about the Miracle Staircase, pointing out the rosaries on trees. But we didn't end up going in since it cost $3 per person, and I was feeling cheap.

They thought for sure that we would leave now, but I was all, "one more church!" I mean, we couldn't leave without seeing "The Oldest Church in the United States," San Miguel Mission.

We didn't go in. Even I was kind of over my itinerary at this point. And after one limp attempt to drag everyone to Canyon Road to absorb more culture, I gave in. We drained the last few drops our water bottles trudged back to the car, stopping periodically to stand in the shade.

We never made it to Canyon Road! I thought we might drive through in the morning before leaving Santa Fe, but I had to pack the car - and that takes approximately 500 hours. Maybe next time. Without kids.

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  1. I am truly digging the blog. What a great trip. I so want to do this but won't until I'm in my 60's. I would love to do it with my kids. Perhaps I could do part of it. Keep posting, I'm reading.